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Maxell AIR VOLTAGE Wireless Qi Charging Mat iPad 2

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With the popularity of tablets, users frustratingly have to charge multiple digital devices, however with the AIR VOLTAGE range users can now charge their iPad 2 without having to place it in a docking station or charge off their computer. Simply insert the iPad 2 into the Charging Sleeve, place the device onto the Charging Mat and the iPad charges automatically and wirelessly! You can also use the separate Wireless Charging Sleeve as an everyday protective sleeve too so there is no need to worry about taking your device in and out. Once your iPad is in the sleeve, place it on the Wireless Charging Mat and go…Effortless!

  • Ultimate User Comfort – Sleeve can be freely placed, either horizontal or vertical; No need to be locked in to position.
  • Flawless Performance – Instant charging upon placement of Sleeve on Stand.
  • Easy to Use – Save time; no cables, connectors or docking required to connect Stand to Sleeve.
  • Sustainability – Standby-power is ultra-low and once iPad 2 is fully charged, the Stand automatically shuts down.
  • LED Indicator – On/Off feature shows when device is charging and fully charged. On/Off feature shows when iPad 2 is synchronizing.
  • Multi-Task – Able to charge iPad 2 on the stand, while watching video, listening to music or using applications.
  • USB (mini-B) Port – Sleeve allows for synchronization of iPad 2 with PC/Notebook (not during charging).
  • Ultimate Protection – Hard case with rubber coating for easy grip and non-slip hold.
  • Portable – Slim design and secure fitting means Sleeve can be used as everyday case for iPad 2.
Dimensions (W*D*H)
148mm x106mm x 188mm
Power Transmission
AC Power Source
Adaptor (included)