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Selfie Stick with Shutter Control


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Introducing our second generation Selfie Stick with shutter control functionality. With a light and compact design, this Selfie Stick requires no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or batteries to work. Simply plug into your phone (Android 4.3 onwards /iOS 6.1 onwards) and push the button to take photos. The selfie stick also has a 1/4-20 standard screw for usage with regular cameras - and the stick supports a maximum weight of 500g.

Key Features:

- Light and compact
- Extends from 22cm to 102cm in length
- Built-in shutter button for remote photo taking on most mobile phones
- 3.5mm cable easy installation for remote shutter button connection
- Fits phones with a width of 5.6cm to 9cm
- Supports maximum weight of 500g
- 1/4-20 standard screw for connecting with cameras